About the Book

Of Raincrows and Ivy Leaves tells an ordinary man’s story of an extraordinary life.

Through the Great Depression and World War II, Edgar Brown thrived and survived to live a life he would be proud of.

As a child, he was raised during the nation’s biggest economic recession. Despite the challenging times, he has lived his young life full of wonder and hope for the future. His upbringing played a big role as a young man when the Second World War broke out. Wanting to serve his country, he enlisted in the army and became a pilot in the South Pacific.

Throughout his military service, Edgar witnessed some of the most devastating events in history. In the wake of the war, he had to accustom himself to the relative peace of civilian life. Edgar was facing a different kind of battle to live a life he wouldn’t regret.

This posthumously published memoir by Edgar Brown, released with the help of his wife, details the life of one member of the Greatest Generation...

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About the Author

Edgar Brown is a war veteran who was a navy pilot in the Black Cats Brigade. After the war, he served as a career development counselor, a church music director, a violinist in two community orchestra, and an educator.

Judith A. Brown, EdD, served as an educator for several years. In 1974, she met Edgar Brown when they worked at the same school.


“Early in my senior year of college each day seemed to bring the war inexorably closer. I felt war was coming, but always with a sense of unreality . . . On Sunday December 7, 1941, no one else had returned from their weekend trips. I turned on the radio and reports of Pearl Harbor were streaming in. President Roosevelt was declaring war in his ‘day of infamy speech.’ I, as well as the nation, wasn’t any more prepared for the real thing than the people at Pearl Harbor.”

“Toward the end of the school year I was to appear before the school board concerning my recommendations for educational programming. I hadn’t been into my report more than a few minutes when a board member, red faced, apparently angry, said in a loud forceful voice, ‘We don’t want any outsiders telling us what to do.’”

“The account of my life revealed struggles and accomplishments beginning with my childhood and youth, through the university years, World War, career development, church music director, violinist in two community orchestras teaching of private music students designing and building nine new homes, an aggressive career in public school special service sand all the while contributing to the family comfort. In general, I practiced a healthy and productive lifestyle that leaves me to be inherently proud of my time in this life. I did my best.”

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