Edgar’s Foray into a Civilian Job after War

Edgar and Judith Brown February 19, 2018

Transitioning from military to civilian job


civilian job


Transitioning from military to a civilian job isn’t a process without obstacles. Aside from having to deal with looking for jobs, retired soldiers also have to work on acquiring new skillsets in order to have a shot at new careers. It isn’t uncommon for them to struggle in looking for job offers. If some are lucky in finding career opportunities, others are stuck facing post-service woes.

Previous posts talked about Edgar’s adjustment to civilian life after retirement from active military duty. His post-military career stints have also been mentioned. Thanks to an acquaintance, his military to civilian job search wasn’t a long journey as he had a post waiting for him.

Although Edgar was fortunate enough to land a civilian job more quickly than others, his first post-military employment gig didn’t go off without a hitch. His stint in Stockton was riddled with problems. Sure, the job had its perks, such as a $1,500 monthly salary and a house to live in. However, the drawbacks outweighed the benefits. For starters, the first house that came with the job was, in Edgar’s words, “something just above poverty row.” This was enough for him to decline the job offer initially. Neal Neff (who offered the job) was able to find a more suitable living space for Edgar and made him accept the offer again.

Aside from housing problems and responsibilities as an instructor, Neal’s behavior caused Edgar some problems. The former’s last-minute decision to let Stockton provide music at Jerico Springs for a week-long event pushed the latter to quit his first civilian job altogether.

Edgar’s second teaching job also wasn’t a stint without problems. If his first job came with unpleasant colleagues, his second one had him dealing with subpar school facilities. Fortunately, Joplin School System’s music director T. Frank Coulter supported Edgar in his endeavor as he had confidence in his abilities. Edgar’s three years in Joplin saw him working to enhance his students’ musical and performance abilities, which he was able to do successfully.

The shift from having a military to a civilian job wasn’t a walk in the park for Edgar; but thanks to his innate skills, hard work, and dedication, he managed to power through. If you’re someone stumbling on the path to employment, his journey is sure to motivate you to forge ahead in spite of difficulties.

To know more about Edgar’s civilian job exploits, you can read his journey in Of Raincrows and Ivy Leaves. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this post and the book through the comment section below or via his Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter profiles.

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