Edgar Brown, the Meticulous

Edgar and Judith Brown April 2, 2018

A remarkable and meticulous person


My husband, Edgar, was a great man. He was most passionate and meticulous in everything he did, may it be for his career or for his family. Persistence and energy were the two traits that made up this person. He was not afraid of facing new experiences and learning new knowledge.

As a child, he was full of energy, curiosity, and perseverance. At the young age of five, he learned to save money. Every money he earned—from working at the store where his father was the manager and from doing favors—went straight to the bank. By the time the family left Huntsville, he had $57 saved in his account.

It was also in Hunstville that he learned that his actions can affect other people. His experience involved his mother’s cousin, Cousin David, who lived just down the street from theirs. Young Edgar was following David around the barn and asking various questions as David was working on his horse. Cousin David became exasperated with the little boy and berated him, saying he’d kick Ed’s butt if Ed didn’t stop pestering him. The young boy, who was five or six at that time, believed him. Since then, Ed made sure to keep his distance when someone was working and to listen rather than to ask questions.

As a man, my husband was also a meticulous person. He always did things in the way that he knew was right. A passionate and persistent soul, Ed started slowly and he carefully did things to bring out an ideal result.

One way that he displayed his meticulous attitude was when he took the counselor position at Carl Junction, Missouri. He received his counselor certification and was accepted as guidance counselor. When he started to work, he found that the counselor duties were falling behind how he had pictured it in his mind. All the former counselor did was maintain study hall and secretarial work for the principal. There was no proper guidance program. Everything was such a mess. Edgar thought of creating a guidance program manual complete with procedures, policies, and plans. He convinced the administration that the guidance program manual should be put together and he was granted permission to do so.

Edgar was as meticulous a counselor as he could be. He never settled for less; he was such a perfectionist. Ed was very passionate in whatever he did and he was greatly appreciated for that.

Meticulous Ed did not only show up at work. He was always careful to do things slowly but surely even at home. One example of Edgar being meticulous outside work was his attitude toward gardening. On his first solo gardening, Ed personally took care of his plants. He planted tomatoes, corn, lettuce, and radishes. He was diligent in growing his plants and religiously monitored their progress.

Though Ed was persevering and diligent, he failed in his first attempt at solo gardening. Being a first-time gardener, he was new to ways of preventing pests from ruining his beloved vegetables. His tomatoes that grew to be bushy and strong-looking were attacked by cutworms while his corns were infested with corn earworms. Though friendly neighbors gave him advice on how to prevent the disasters, he failed to heed their warning and went on his own way. It was a hard lesson to learn, but a mistake that he had no plan of repeating.

Edgar had been active in both his career and home activities. It was a sad event when Ed’s mobility declined; he was transferred to Missouri Veteran’s Home in Mount Vernon, Missouri. It was hard for a man who was once full of energy and passion. Ed passed away on February 28, 2017, but in my memory, Edgar Brown shall remain a prince of a man.


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